Mashed root vegetables


I have the most amazing daughter, Christine. Yesterday she had the last of her braces put on and was in great pain. The only things she has been eating lately are apple sauce and pureed soups. I felt so bad for her I made her this delicious dish so she would have something more substantial in her stomach. I also feel like a bad mother for waiting til she is 22 before getting her braces, so anything she wants to eat right now I will gladly make for her.


I had 1 turnip, half a rutabaga, and 2 potatoes in the fridge, I diced them up and boiled them til tender (approx. 50 minutes). After straining them I added a little fat free milk, salt and pepper; then using a potato masher I mashed them to a semi smooth consistency. Christine like them as they were, but we added cheese for more protein.

I like these better than regular mashed potatoes, the flavor and texture has so many layer, this will easily become a family favorite.

Be Happy & Eat Healthy!


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  2. Dee
    Mar 12, 2014 @ 15:21:30

    These mashed root vegetables give me so many wonderful ideas!



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